The best wedge in golf. Period.

Without a steady short game, it doesn't matter how long you are off the tee. That's why we pride ourselves on being the preeminent wedge designer in the game, and the RM-12 is a testament to our commitment to be the best. The latest evolution of the popular RM-11, this high performance wedge features expanded, trapezoidal grooves that offer exceptional spin control in both wet and dry conditions.



Non-plated nickel chrome molybdenum bronze with mirror milled face


2 finishes available:
1) Non-plated nickel chrome half matte finish
2) Non-plated black finish

Shaft2 shafts available:
1) DYNAMIC GOLD steel shaft (WEDGE flex/132g)
2) N.S. PRO 950 GH HT steel shaft (WEDGE flex/98g)


Left-Handed - - - - -
Loft 48 50 52 54 56 56 58 58 60
Lie 63 63.5 63.5 63.5 64 64 64 64 64
Bounce 8 8 10 10 8 12 8 12 10
Club Length (inches) 35.5 35.25 35.25 35.25 35 35 35 35 35



Club Weight 465g 471g 471g 473g 475g 475g 475g 475g 475g
Swing Weight D1.5 D2 D2 D3 D3 D3 D3 D3 D3
Shaft Weight 132g 132g 132g 132g 132g 132g 132g 132g 132g
Club Length (inches) 35.5 35.25 35.25 35.25 35 35 35 35 35
Club Weight 437g 443g 443g 445g 447g 447g 447g 447g 447g
Swing Weight D0 D0.5 D0.5 D1.5 D1.5 D1.5 D1.5 D1.5 D1.5
Shaft Weight 98g 98g 98g 98g 98g 98g 98g 98g 98g


Extra effort for extra performance.
We mirror mill each groove in the RM-12 resulting in optimal spin performance with each and every swing. For you, this means better control and fewer missed greens.

What makes it work:
Fourteen's stable of touring professionals have long valued our original reverse taper design to provide stability in their swings. In the RM-12, our engineers used that as a template to deliver a club that has even more weight distribution. This new reverse muscle design enables the weight to be perfectly proportioned on the blade and club head, yielding even greater stability through impact.

Our H-Sole wedges also feature a rounded toe and heel area, giving players the ability to fashion different shots while opening and closing the face with ease.