Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions, tips and tricks.

Drivers : What is the hosel diameter on your driver heads?

Our retail driver heads have .335 hosel diameters.

Fairway Woods : What shaft comes stock in your fairway wood?

We are currently selling our fairway woods as head only pieces through our Custom Shop affiliates. Please contact our US headquarters at for help finding a retailer near you.

Hybrids : Why is the center of gravity so important for hybrids?

Hybrid clubs can be challenging to play given the lie of the ball and the slope of the landscape. A deeper center of gravity (CG) yields tremendous stability through the swing and offers greater spin control which makes tricky shots less tricky.

Wedges : What should I look for when selecting new wedges?

Like with many clubs, there is not a definite guideline for selecting wedges. Wedges should be chosen based upon each individual golfer's swing and approach. We recommend visiting your local Fourteen dealer to view our entire selection so you can choose the club that's right for you.

Wedges : How do Fourteen wedges achieve such a considerable amount of spin?

This is a combination of our reverse taper, high CG wedge design and our incredibly time consuming face milling process. The two of these factors help create optimal launch conditions for all golfers.

Wedges : Why don't you have milling or sandblasting on your wedge faces?

We pride ourselves on having some of the tightest tolerances with our wedge faces. We mirror mill each one of our wedge faces to achieve a perfectly flat mirror like surface. This takes substantially more time than leaving the mill marks on the face. Because of this, we are able to get the most effective angle for our grooves and therefore create optimal performance with our wedges.

Other : How do I measure the length of a Fourteen club?

The standard is to measure the club from the heel end of the club head sole to the end of the grip. For putters, measure from the end of the grip to the putter sole from the center shaft.

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