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A heritage rooted in the quest for precision.

To produce the most precise golf clubs on the market, Fourteen relies on its unique lie and loft gauge. This highly crafted machine ensures the lies and lofts are exact on every piece of Fourteen Golf equipment. Its genius captured the attention of other golf club companies, golf shops and professional tour vans so the company began selling it to authorized users.


  • 01 Development Concept
    First of all, we determine who are the targeted players for a given product, in order to make up the relevant development concept.
  • 02 Dimension Design
    The club head dimension details, such as size, lie and loft angles, as well as sole width and face shape, are all based on extensive data collected through years of research.
  • 03 3D CAD Design
    By simultaneously simulating the various club head dimensions, such as shape, CG and moment of inertia, we are able to achieve an even greater degree of fusion between design and function in the club head.

  • 04 Final Shape Confirmation
    Based on the club head shape made in our 3D CAD program, we make a resin model. It is essential to ensure a perfect head shape. We feedback the result to our 3D CAD program to improve the precision of the data.
  • 05 Copper Master
    Based on the club head shape made by our 3D CAD program, we make molds for mass productions.
  • 06 Sample Model
    Using these club head samples, we conduct multiple swing tests, and various specifications such as shape, CG and strength are carefully checked out. Concurrently, samples are tested in the field by various types of golfers to best evaluate their performance.