Tour Inspired FW Design

Each loft was designed by using extensive research from tour players and proprietary manufacturing techniques. Each head has been engineered with specific launch characteristics and offer a solid feel at impact.

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Design Keys
Each model has been designed with a specific function. The 3 wood has been designed for maximum distance. The 5 wood has been designed for precision and control with a higher launch. The 7 wood has had been designed for maximum control.

Increasing CG Height
The CG height rises progressively from the 3 to 7 wood. This design concept provides optimal spin and launch conditions.

Performance Oriented Materials
The AM355P steel used for the body offers a solid feel at impact. The SUS630 steel used for the crown allows for increased distance after impact.

Head Material:

AM355P Steel (Body), SUS630 Steel (Crown)


  3 5 7
Loft 15 18 21
Lie 56.5 57 57.5
Volume(cm3) 182 168 153
Club Weight 332g(D1) 335g(D1) 340g(D1)