The Gold Standard In Forged Wedges

The latest evolution of our flagship tour-quality wedge is built for maximum spin and effortless control, making it the ultimate wedge for lower scores. The newest iteration of our RM series features variable sole grinds and our reverse muscle technology.

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With new loft options in 2016, the RM-22 compliments a wide range of lofts and bounce. Our Standard Sole offers
distance control and accuracy in a lower loft wedge, and the Bumper Sole yields great bounce on full swings.
Finally, the Delta Sole offers enhanced feel with stellar spin control.

Blade Model × Sole Type

Stability & Control 

【Dual Reverse Muscle・Blade】

Our newly designed
Dual Reverse Muscle
Blade provides
maximum stability on
approach shots.

【Standard Sole】

Traditional thin sole helps 
generate consistent spin with
penetrating launch on full
and partial shots.

Control with Maximum Spin 

【Reverse Muscle・Blade】

Our enhanced Reverse
Muscle Blade design
continues to give stability
and control for any shot.

【 Bumper Sole】

The Bumper Sole was
designed with a steep
negative bounce on the
leading edge blending to a
cambered sole.

Greenside Playability 

【Cutting Edge Muscle・Blade】

The new Cutting Edge
Muscle Blade design
features a refined CG
location closer to the
center of the face. This
provides a softer launch
on open face shots under
any condition.
【 Delta Sole】

The Delta Sole was
designed with a steep
negative bounce on the
leading edge blending to a
cambered sole.


Head Material:

Forged nickel chrome molybdenum (mirror milled face)


Nickel chrome plated pearl stain finish:
Non-plated・matte black finish:


1. DYNAMIC GOLD Steel (WEDGE/132g)
2. N.S.PRO 950GH HT Steel(WEDGE/98g)


  Dual Reverse Muscle Reverse Muscle Cutting Edge Muscle
Model 41/06 44/06* 47/06* 50/07* 52/08* 54/08 56/08* 58/08* 56/12 58/12 60/10
Loft 41° 44° 47° 50° 52° 54° 56° 58° 56° 58° 60°
Lie 62.5° 63° 63.5° 64° 64°
Bounce 12° 12° 10°
Length  36" 35.5" 35.25" 35" 35"
Club Weight (Balance)
Dynamic Gold
459g(D1.5) 465g(D1.5) 470g(D2) 472g(D2) 475g(D3) 475g(D3)
Club Weight (Balance)
433g(D0) 439g(D0) 444g(D0.5) 446g(D0.5) 449g(D1.5) 449g(D1.5)
*LH available in plated, DG