A revolutionary utility to free the pressure on your long game

Using our 3 decades of experience creating tour proven hybrid designs, we are happy to introduce our newest model, HI-877. This revolutionary utility club combines the forgiveness of a hybrid and the shot shaping ability of a utility iron. Using our AM355P steel cup face we are able to provide incredible ball speeds across the face. This exceptional ball speed paired with the low center of gravity creates a truly remarkable combination in a hybrid club. This club is just as easy to address and set-up an 8-iron, and provides an extremely versatile trajectory that can be used from nearly any lie.

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Revolutionary functionality that combines the benefits of utility woods and irons
This innovative utility club brings together the best of both worlds: the outstanding shot stability of a hybrid and the excellent trajectory control and ease of address of a utility iron. This creates a club that is high launching, easy to hit, but also provides excellent shot shaping control. The Hi-877 will make long approach shots your new specialty.

Advanced head design packs in essential elements for distance
The thin cup face made of high-intensity AM355P steel and the precision hollow body made of ST-22 steel feature a low center of gravity location design that allows for a high trajectory, with incredible forgiveness. The large confidence inspiring face not only increases the forgiveness but creates an optimal spin rate for each loft. 

Premium yellow body
The vibrant yellow body highlights the face while giving the whole head a unique look. It’s a design that makes it easier to address, and inspires confidence 

Sole shape
The sole design features a larger center portion and a slimmer toe and heel. This keeps the club moving through even the thickest lie. This ability to effortlessly glide through the rough is what sets our hybrids apart from the rest. This hybrid sole design shares many similarities to our wedge sole design process.


Hollow structure/body: ST-22 steel face: AM355P (cup face)


FT-16i Graphite Shaft (S: 65g; R: 60g; L: 45g)
*Aerotech Steel Fiber i80, i95, i110 (R, S, X)
*Graphite Design Tour AD Driving Iron 95g (S, X) *[Max length of 40"]
*Matrix Altus Tour H8 ( R, S, X) 
*Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Sliver TINI Hybrid 90g, 100g (S, TX)
Additonal custom shafts available for order  
*Custom option availible at no-upcharge

Loft 18° 21° 24° 27° 30°
Lie 59° 59.5° 60° 60.5° 61°

FT-16i Graphite Shaft

Club Length 40.8" 40.15" 39.5" 38.85" 38.2"
Swing Weight  S & R flex




Club Length 40.3" 39.65" 39" 38.2" 37.5"
Swing Weight  L flex  




*27° and 30° are special order only 

Fourteen's Premium Graphite Shaft Options 

Our shaft lineup now includes the FT-16i that effortlessly launches the ball high in the lower lofts, but still has enough stability to control ball flight in the higher lofts.  In addition to the FT-16i, we are offering multiple high performance shaft options at no additional cost. 
-Aerotech Steel Fiber i80, i95, i110 
-Graphite Design Tour AD Driving Iron 95g 
-Matrix Altus Tour H8  
-Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Sliver TINI Hybrid 90g, 100g
These tour proven shaft options are ideal for higher swing speed golfers or a player that is looking for a heavier weight premium shaft option.