Effortless Approach! The Revolutionary Hollow Body Wedge

With a sole that glides smoothly through any lie in any condition, this revolutionary wedge allows for effortless shots. Its absolute reliability and playability make your approach shots automatic. The revolutionary hollow body design brings un-paralleled consistency back to the wedge game.

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 A Totally New Approach

The entire head design has been engineered and developed with an unprecedented new approach for a wedge.. This revolutionary wedge makes sure you hit your approach shot with absolute confidence. It gets the ball airborne whether in bunkers, the rough, or on the tightest lie.

Hollow Body for Absolute Confidence 
With a cast hollow head similar to a fairway wood, and rounded sole, creates a wedge design like no other. Its design with next-level forgiveness will instill confidence in approach shots. Our proprietary Mirror Face Milling and Trapezoidal Groove technology ensure approach shots will still produce consistent, ball stopping spin.

Newly-designed Planet Sole
Planet Sole offers a wider overall sole with a highly pronounced sole camber design. It glides smoothly in any condition and from any lie to help eliminate mistakes. This sole will give you confidence in any situation.

Specially designed clubs for different shots and conditions
Each loft has been designed specifically for the player that struggles with shots around the green.


Bunker Blast: SW
The wide, rounded Planet Sole allows players to swing normally and not have to worry about how much sand to take. This creates a no sweat option for players that struggle in the bunkers.  

Loft and Precision: AW 

The fairway wood like hollow body design allows for increased ball speed and launch,
Resulting in a ultra-forgiving wedge that can handle everything from approach shots from the fairway to chips from the fringe.

Spin and Control Around The Green: RW
The head design easily pushes the ball like a chip shot with a fairway wood or UT club to generate a low, gliding shot from the fringe, but with much more control.  Where it really shines is when it is used for a longer running approach shot. This ability to hit this “links golf style” running approach is valuable to golfers who struggle with longer pitch or chip shots.  

Head Material:

Hollow structure/ nickel chrome molybdenum steel (mirror milled face)


Nickel chrome plated pearl satin finish


N.S.PRO 950GH HT steel shaft 


Model Rw Aw Sw
Loft 38 50 56
Lie 62 63 64
Bounce 4 8 10
NS PRO 950GH HT Steel Shaft Club length (inches) 36.5 35.5 34.5
Club weight (S.W.) 425g (D0) 438g (D0.5) 456g (D1.5)