New for the US market only, a high performance cavity back with tour inspired shape

TF-Wedge gives the average golfer the ability to hit any shot that comes to mind. With its cavity back design and wider, more forgiving sole, TF is the perfect option for the player that needs a little bit more help around the green and needs a simple, reliable option for many different shots.

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Signature reverse muscle design

The Reverse Muscle blade design gradually thickening in the top of the blade. This head structure increases forgiveness and creates a more efficient weight distribution. This design creates an extremely forgiving head while still keeping a classic wedge shape.

Extremely versatile wide sole

A high bounce leading edge helps prevent digging, and more sole camber overall help this wide sole move effortlessly through all lies. This wide sole also performs extremely well in the bunker, when opened up the bounce angle drastically increases allowing the wedge to easily get the ball airborne.  

Excellent spin, with optimized groove design

Fourteen’s unique new trapezoidal groove optimizes depth, width, and spacing providing the maximum legal area of the groove. This added grove area helps create unmatched levels of spin from any type of lie.

Simple-loft lineup 

Wedges of 51° and 57° designed to eliminate the confusion that some players face by having too many wedges in the set. This gives the player more confidence with the scoring clubs, while still providing the needed forgiveness. 



Nickel chrome molybdenum with mirror milled face


Gold pearl satin finish


KBS Tour 120 Wedge

Lie 63.5° 64°
Length 35.25" 35"
Swing Weight  D2 D3