The CU-218 series, developed to enhance distance through trajectory.

Designed with lower CG with an optimal CG depth — this shallow face design produces a higher condition and reduces spin. Controlling these elements of club design help produce a hybrid wood that is extremely workable with added control.

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Shallow face for stronger trajectory

With a low CG height and an optimal CG depth in CU218,  playability from anywhere has been created.

CU-218 1i 3i 5i 7i
CG Height 19mm 21mm 21.5mm 22.5mm
CG Length 37mm 37mm 37mm 37mm
CG Depth 27mm 26.5mm 26mm 25.5mm
FP 15mm 14.5mm 14mm 13.5mm
MOI 2500g㎠ 2450g㎠ 2430g㎠


Each club was designed for specific shots and yardages.

The R&D team created these products to target the demands of golfers given their desires from each loft.  With specific shots and yardages in mind, each of these hybrids produces the proper trajectory and spin to dial in each yardage.


Framing the shot

Each club in CU218 has been designed to help frame the shot with optimal visual enhancements. Allowing for ease in alignment, the CU218 will be deadly accurate.


Designed exclusively for the CU218

FT-16h shaft was designed specifically for the CU218, helping to enhance the performance of each of the loft options.

FT-16h S R L
Shaft Weight 63g 58g 48g
Torque 3.5 4.5 5.3
FT-17h S R
Shaft Weight 70g 65g
Torque 3.3 3.4

The FT-17h shaft provides the solid feel with a high swing speed.


Face 455 steel; Body AM355P steel


1. FT-16h Graphite shaft (S/63 g, R/58g, L/48 g)
2. FT-17h Graphite shaft (S/70 g, R/65 g)


Model 1i 3i 5i 7i
Loft 17° 20° 24° 28°
Lie Angle 58° 58.5° 59° 59.5°
Volume 151cm³ 143cm³ 134cm³ 129cm³

Club Length (inches) 41.5 41 40.5 40

S 337g (C9) 341g (C9) 345g (C9) 349g (C9)
R 333g (C9) 337g (C9) 341g (C9) 345g (C9)
L 314g (C9) 318g (C9) 322g (C9) 326g (C9)
Ladies Length (inches) 41 40.5 40 39.5